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Submersible mixer2

Submersible mixer

A submersible mixer is a mechanical device that is used to mix sludge tanks and other liquid volumes. Submersible mixers are often used in sewage treatment  .


The Submersible aerator is applicated to many links of the sewage water treatment, such as Pre-gas supply, Activated Sludge Treatment, Stability Sludge Treatment, gas floats, neutralize, Ozone treatment, Oxidized pond, liquid-mix .But the main application is highly effective of supplying the oxygen and mixing the medium transported.

Operating principle

The submersible aerator is composed of Star- type impeller and Stator and air pipe. The rotation of impeller makes the stator vacuum, and suck the air through the pipe, the water and the air enter into the impeller through the Entry between the rotor and stator, they are fully mixed in the impeller, the gas is dispersed into a small bubble of about 100 microns in diameter, that forms a huge area of the gas-liquid .It achieves the highly effective of transporting and mixing oxygen.

Design and features of submersible aerator

1. Automatic sucks the air under the water, saving the gas-supply equipment, antifreeze, lower noise.

2. Bigger touch area of liquid and gas, higher coefficient of oxygen utilization ,better sewage treatment effect , and effect of energy saving is significant .

3. Good efficient of mixture, without any settling in the bottom of sewage pool.

4. Easy installation and maintenance, and difficult to be blocked up. 

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